About The Gaia Collection

Our Story:

The Gaia Collection started as a Young Enterprise Scheme Business in 2021 by two year 13 students in Wellington with the goal of spreading awareness and protecting Aotearoa wildlife. Aotearoa's wildlife is unlike anything else in the world and yet despite being 1 of a kind over 7,500 species are currently at risk of becoming extinct. 

We knew that we could make a difference and so designed our collection of sustainable wooden earrings highlighting some of Aotearoa’s most endangered species. With our unique designs, we hoped to spark conversations about the species. Hoping that with more conversation and awareness more change will start to happen. 

But the thing is, some of these species are reaching a point of no return and so we knew we needed to do more. So we have been working with Forest and Bird to donate $5 from every pair we sell to their Fairy Tern Project. These birds are one of Aotearoa's most endangered and are in desperate need of help. In Mid December we made our first donation to the project of a whopping $1,760! This money is going to make a huge impact on these birds and will be used by the project to help set up an additional breeding ground for these birds. 

After an incredible first year of success it was decided that the business was to continue with CEO, Olivia Ediriweera as the impact we have been able to make and the stories we have been able to tell is simply too good to give up on.  

Young Enterprise Scheme 2021

We were lucky enough to start this business in 2021 through the Lion Heart Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) while still in high school. Being a part of YES gave us the environment and support we needed to start a business at such a young age. Through YES we were able to learn so much about running a business and were reconsidered for this by being awarded the YES Hutt Valley - Wairarapa Business of the year, the YES Hutt Valley - Wairarapa Marketing and Sales award, and our CEO Olivia placed 2nd for YES CEO of the year nationwide. 

Our Logo 

We created our logo to best represent who we are, at The Gaia Collection.
The Koru is a known design in New Zealand that is associated with new life, and for Māori, it represents the creation story and how everything is connected. To us, it represents how all actions have an impact, so the actions that we, as humans, make should be positive ones. 

Our koru design has 15 korus inside, these represent the 15 species that went extinct around the world in 2020. 2020 was the year that had just passed when we started our business. 
This is our way of showing how we connect to New Zealand and that we want to create a new life for these species. 

On the top we have two leaves growing out of the koru, this was included so that it would also represent a seedling, further enforcing our push for new life. These leaves also represent our two founders Olivia and Finch. 

Our Name:

We've named our business The Gaia Collection because of what we do. Our business is all about spreading awareness and protecting our beautiful native wildlife throughout our jewelry collection. Gaia herself is the Greek goddess and the personification of mother Earth. She’s often considered the protector of Earth and like us just wants what's best for it. So together you get The Gaia Collection, a business that cares deeply about our planet and is doing so through its collection. 

Key Values:

Here are some of our key values that we run our business on:

Passion - Remember what drives us

Awareness - How these species will survive 

Conservation - It's our responsibility to preserve what's there 

Innovation - Be different 

Respect - Towards each other, ourselves and the land