It's now late-July and we have launched our product to the world! We now have three different designs - the Fairy Tern, Wood Rose and Yellow-Eyed Penguin, that come in two different colours - Natural and Dark Wood. We have also been working closely with Forest and Bird's Youth division and are going to be giving $5 from every pair sold to their Fairy Tern Project. The Fairy Tern is our most endangered species as well as one of the most endangered birds in New Zealand with only around 40 birds left. So we want to put some of our proceeds towards them as it would be sad to see them go extinct as so many other species have before them. 

On the 23rd of June, we held a big launch at our school with an evening of speakers, including the amazing George Hobson from Forest and Bird. We had a huge amount of support from all those who attended.  On the same night, our websites shop went live and our earring is now available to purchase from our shop! 

On the 20th of June, we also attended Upper Hutt's Artisan Sable Market at the Trentham Racecourse. Unfortuanllty it was raining that day so we weren't as many people there as normal but it was still great to see the support from those who could make it. 

We have been working with Forest and Bird and are now selling our earrings on their online shop, check it out Here

We have already made enough sales to make a $100 donation to Forest and Bird's Fairy Tern Project. This is amazing considering we have only been selling for a few weeks now. We know that our donation will make such a great impact on these birds! However, we need to keep selling in order to pay of our business start-up costs before we can make any sort of donation. 

From here we are working on ideas on how to get our name out there so that we can spread as much awareness about our product and these amazing species. 

Stay tuned because we are only going up from here!