It's been a while since our blog was updated but we have been incredibly busy!

Last we wrote we had just been featured on New Stalk ZB and Scoop. However, that was only the start of us in the media spotlight. Shortly afterward we had a Stuff reporter reach out to us to do an article on us. You can read the article Here

Then we were reached out to by The Project! That's right the nationwide television show. They were doing a segment called “passion project” and thought we would be perfect to be a part of. So we had a cameraman come out to our school and spent a full day filming! Then only a couple of days later our segment aired on television. You can watch our segment and read the article Here 

Meanwhile, with all that going on we were still partaking in the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES)  and ended winning the YES Hutt Valley - Wairarapa Business of the Year award! But that's not it! Through our amazing efforts we also received the YES Hutt Valley - Wairarapa Marketing and Sales award and our CEO Olivia Ediriweera placed 2nd for YES CEO of the year nationwide. We’ve gotta say we are pretty stoked with that. 

From there it's been a bit quiet at The Gaia Collection as we put our efforts into our final year of high school exams. Now we are back as school lets out and have been talking business left right and centre. 

One of the things that were top priority for us was our donation to Forest and Bird. With the amazing amount of sales, we’ve been able to make this year we’ve been able to make our first donation to their Fairy Tern Project of $1,760! How amazing is that?! We know how much of a difference this money is going to make for the project and for the Fairy Terns. With our donation going towards helping set up an additional breeding ground for the Fairy Terns that is both away from the busy city (remember these birds scare easily) and is future/climate-proof. 

With all the amazing stuff that we have achieved this year, we knew we couldn’t stop and so will be continuing the business next year solely with CEO Olivia Ediriweera. Both Finch and Olivia felt this was the right decision for the business and couldn’t be more excited for what the future of The Gaia Collection holds. 

Here's to whatever comes next for The Gaia Collection and wishing you all a great holiday break!