About Me

Olivia Ediriweera - owner and co-founder of The Gaia Collection

Olivia Edirweera - Owner and Co-Founder

A little bit about me? I’m the owner and co-founder of The Gaia Collection. I have a huge passion for protecting the environment, so passionate that I'm now a first-year BSc student at Massey University Manawatu studying Zoology (Pst that’s animal studies!). After an awesome first year of the business, I decided I was crazy enough to continue the business while studying full time and so far things seem to be going pretty well! 

My current plan after my degree is to continue on to work in conservation research, to further make a difference for species in Aotearoa and around the world. I’ve always known I wanted to make a difference for wildlife and I’m so proud to say I am, even before my career has started. 

When I’m not working on The Gaia Collection chances are you’ll find me out in nature… or more realistically, at my desk buried under a pile of textbooks studying.